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Focused On Quality

Jetsu Technology was established in 2016 to provide great

products for customers across the globe with one simple aim - customer satisfaction!

We are always looking for new products, and high-quality brands with amazing products to carry across our many platforms - online and retail outlets.

In addition to promoting our own brands we support and resell many others using our established network of online stores, e-commerce sites, SEO capabilities and online marketing resources, and even in the high street.

Get in Touch

We would be thrilled to work with you as a retail partner to sell your product and use our many resources to boost your brand awareness

Our Health and Beauty brand offers top quality products at very competitive prices.  The Dietary Supplement brand is growing every year into a world recognised provider or exceptional quality products including:


  • Inulin Powder - great for increasing your daily fiber (fibre for UK) to aid digestion, reduce internal visceral fat and much more!

  • Mushroom 10 Blend - unbeatable blend of 10 super mushroom powders to boost your health

  • Lion's Mane Powder - give your brain and immune system a daily boost

Premium products at affordable prices.  More on the way..

At Portnalls Stores LLC, our extensive selection of products are not only the highest quality, but also economically priced to provide the best value.


We’re committed to offering exceptional service, and work closely with our clients to ensure they’re 100% satisfied.

Portnalls Stores LLC is an industry leading supplier, equipping individuals and businesses with the products and services they need.


We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

Primarily, we are a multi-channel eCommerce seller, who does utilize the Amazon platform.

Our goal, from day one, has been to create partnerships that benefit our partners as well as us and build our brand with integrity.

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