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Jetsu started trading in 2016.  

Products were quickly identified that could be improved - enhanced to become part of our brand.

Jetsu Brand Simplicity

The focus of the Jetsu Brand is simplicity


Technology that is easy to use


Jetsu search online and through our extensive network of contacts for products that adhere to these 3 basic requirements: for products that


- anyone can use it with little or no instructions.

- limited moving parts to go wrong.

- at a price everyone can afford.

Fun Technology


Living life to the full means having fun along the way.  We look at a range of tech products that can enhance your fun any time of year.  Some let you to do something you couldn't do before, or at least make an activity better, safer, or more fun.  Our original products included Selfie Sticks when they were the latest trend, amazing apps, customized cell phones, and iWatch accessories when we were just getting started.  Now we have moved on to the latest hair brushes and hair oils.  


Inspired Technology


We love new products from new technology or old technology that finds a new use - Microfibers is a great example.  Originated back in the 1950s but was not used commercially for decades.  Now it is in cleaning clothes & mops; being used in clothing, sports wear and used to make many accessories that traditionally have been made from leather: wallets, handbags, backpacks, shoes, cell phone cases, and coin purses.

Inspired also includes better health and lifestyles.  We have introduced Inulin Powder to help with digestion and remove deadly internal fats, we have various dietary supplements to improve health and appearance!  Our Mushroom Extract Powder Blend combines 10 different mushrooms to provide an unbeatable range of benefits in one spoonful to help with fatigue, boosting immune system, improving concentration and whole range of disease related issues.

To see more of our health and beauty range visit our dedicated website at

Latest Product


We started trading on in 2015 to distribute our products in USA.


Our best selling dietary supplements product is Lion's Mane Extract Powder - if you want to see it for yourself click the button below.


We think it is fantastic, top quality, high strength, organic and at a very GOOD price just now....

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