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Inspiration for New Technology

Always looking for new and exciting technology


We are actively developing more products for phones, the house and the ......iWatch !

Apps and Phones

Our apps are getting better and  our phone products keep growing.  Over 2000 products and hundreds more added each month

New Suppliers

Our supply chain is under constant review.  New suppliers and manufacturers are being added weekly. 

Cleaning and Catering

Demand for our cleaning products is incredible - year on year growth.  2015 will see our products being sold on

New Products

We always welcome suggestions for new products or improvements we can make to existing ones.  If you have any products that you would like us to review please contact us to discuss.

The next big thing?

iWatch - Apple keep producing these great products and we keep developing accessories.  We have a new iWatch charger being tested !

100% Refund Guarantee

All Jetsu products come with our 100% refund guarantee. If you do not like our products or there is a fault we will gladly refund your payment. 

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