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How to Adjust the Temperature Control Ring Setting

Calibrating the Temperature

Step 1

Approximately two days after installing the heater check the water temperature with an accurate thermometer, noting the actual temperature of the water.  The heater indicator light should be off to indicate that the heater believes the water temperature has reached that shown on the temperature ring.  If the water temperature is the same as the heater setting then there is no requirement to adjust the heater setting. If it is different, water temperature is lower or higher than the temperature ring setting, carry out the following exercise.     

Step 2

Turn the heater blue temperature ring so that the white arrowhead points to 18⁰C. (You can see the arrowhead in our picture, there it points at 26⁰C).


Step 3
Then rotate the blue temperature ring clockwise slowly until the heating indicator light comes on and stop turning.


Step 4
Pull up the black button on the temperature ring (it does not lift very much, simply get your finger nail under it or hold tightly) and then lightly turn the blue temperature ring until the white arrowhead points at the real temperature you recorded with a thermometer earlier.  Then press down the button to secure the ring at that temperature.  You have now calibrated the temperature.


Step 5
Adjust the temperature ring to the temperature you wanted to heat the water to and you are finished.



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