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Just Arrived in the UK....


Jetsu Technology has decided to launch products in the UK for the first time!


Our selfie sticks are now available and across Amazon Europe.



Why Jetsu sticks - what sets us apart from the rest?


Good Quality and Great Service are important to us. 


Selfie Sticks are available from a large number of suppliers, not all of them are reputable.  Not all sticks are the same !


What to look out for in cheaper sticks


The pole should have a groove in it to stop it rotating when a phone or camera is attached.  Not very helpful if you try to take a selfie and the camera has swung round and takes a great foot shot !  - No groove then it is a cheaper model.


The clip that holds your precious phone should not just be a flat piece of plastic - no ribs then it is not very strong.  See our images in the Amazon listings here.


Bluetooth - latest chips in the sticks work very well with latest iOS, Android and GoPro software.  Cheaper versions are using old chips that don't connect.


Instructions are important, although we think that using a selfie stick is easy, it may not be for the first time user.  Cheaper models usually come with a very small booklet, difficult to read and the English is poorly written.


They are cheap !  Some say you get what you pay for, others suffer the disappointment when they open the delivery parcel and the lack of communication with sellers when it goes wrong.



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